PC Health Advisor: Does PC Health Advisor Work, or Is It a Scam?


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Effectiveness of PC Health Advisor:

The PC Health Advisor scan does not take long, but that does not mean quality is sacrificed.  My PC Health Advisor review found the scan was very complete, although not quite as complete as my number one-rated PC optimizer product PC OptiClean.  Both programs found a number of errors, which you can read about further down on this page.  Once the scan was complete & the errors were repaired , my computer ran much better. Start ups were much faster, I was able to browse the internet quicker, and I didn't have to wait as long for programs to come up

Ease of Use: 

Like all products from Paretologic, PC Health Advisor is very easy to use, although I found PC OptiClean to be a bit more self-explanatory, and the buttons on the screen are big and easy to understand.  A lot of computer knowledge is not necessary to use this program

Customer Service:

PC Health Advisor has an online help desk running 24 hours a day.  However, I like PC OptiClean's support system better because it has a live phone number you can call 24 hours a day

                     (Below, I offer a step-by-step process on how to use PC Health Advisor)                      


PC Health Advisor: The Bottom Line. Does PC Health Advisor Work, Or Is It a Scam?

PC Health Advisor will definitely optimize your computer, although I don't think it did quite as good of a job as PC OptiClean did.  Mine ran like new after letting PC OptiClean perform its complete scan.  

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Common Questions

I do not know much about computers.  Will I be able to make PC Health Advisor work?

You do not have to know a lot about computers to run PC Health Advisor.  Everything is easy to understand.  It has a colorful interface which is helpful and all buttons are easy to access and see.  The only thing that is slightly unclear is the menu progression, but it became much clearer after just a couple of minutes

Is PC Health Advisor a scam?

No. It is made by Paretologic, a company that is well known for making a number of computer repair products such as Regcure, XoftspySE, and DriverCure.  If you have any problems at all with your product, you can easily contact Paretologic, and they will give you a refund right away, and you will not be pressured to keep it

Is PC Health Advisor Helpful For Repairing a Slow Computer?

No question!  When your computer is running slow, it means that too many files and invalid entries have accumulated over time inside of Windows.  My PC Health Advisor review found that a simple cleaning that this software program offers will help make your PC much faster.  It has a number of features that will help, including its driver update tool, the ability to defragment your system, and the ability to get rid of malware and spyware

PC Health Advisor offers so many options for fixing your slow computer.  It may be the only software you need to keep your PC running at an optimal level.  It even protects your privacy by removing privacy files.  PC Health Advisor really is an incredible deal 

Features of PC Health Advisor:

  • Full Scan of Your System -  PC Health Advisor will scan your system and rid it of any registry entries that are excessive and internet files that are temporary.  It will also remove malware
  • Registry Cleaner - PC Health Advisor will clean out the registry quickly
  • Detection of the presence of malware -  Any malware that is active on your computer will be detected and removed
  • Process Manager that is very active - This feature analyzes all processes on your computer
  • Manage startups easily -  This will make bootups go much faster.  It also shuts off programs that you do not use and are only taking up space
  • Manages Browser Helper Objects - This is also known as BHO.  It will help you with items like toolbars
  • Scan for privacy settings-  You can get rid of temporary internet files quickly, as well as URL's 

NEW Features of PC Health Advisor 3.1!

  • Now Available in 10 Languages! -  Click here for the list
  • Ability to place your favorite tools on the program's home screen
  • If you are unable to open a file, PC Health Advisor will launch it automatically so you can easily access File Extension Manager
  • PC Health Advisor will notify you when your system needs to be defragged
  • Easily remove privacy files

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